BRIG Falcon 570


Pris m/ 60 hk.:

Fra 269 500 NOK

The Falcon Rider 570’s minimal design results in a lightweight and versatile craft, delivering optimal fuel efficiency whilst retaining the classic BRIG features. It accommodates up to 11 passengers, and ample storage is available in lockers under each seat and in the bow.
The Falcon Rider 570 is offered in three varieties to best suit your needs:

The Original Falcon 570 has an open cockpit.

The Falcon 570L features a luxuriously-styled console with deep armchair cushions and extra leg room for long haul comfort.

The Falcon 570S has a sports console with in-line, jet-bike style seating for a smooth ride at speed.


Lengde: 5,70 m
Bredde: 2,30 m
Vekt: 330 kg
Maks hk: 75 hk.
Motorstørrelse: 75-120 hk.
CE-kategori: C
Drivstofftank: 98 l

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