BRIG Navigator 730


Pris m/ 175 hk.:

Fra 759 000 NOK

The Navigator 700/730 is all about freedom, getting out and enjoying the water safely and in style. With a great platform for all watersports – wakeboarding, water skiing, scuba diving and fishing – you have the ability to explore the coast, access hidden coves and secret beaches.

The solid construction and seating provides the pinnacle of safety and stability when pushed to the limit. Navigator 700 can be equipped with an outboard of up to 150 hp, or with a dual system with a total of 225 hp.


Lengde: 7,30 m
Bredde: 2,80 m
Antall personer: 12
CE-kategori: C
Drivstofftank: 340 l
Motorstørrelse: 150-225 hk.
Vekt: 930 kg

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